Monday, April 14, 2008

Clive Barker at Sloan Fine Art


This one is close to my heart. As a screenwriter I had the pleasure worked with Clive Barker a few years ago (he was in a producing capacity on this project). He was wildly talented, gracious, humble, kind, and inspiring. Working with him was a fantastic experience. But just as exciting as working with the master of horror was seeing a collection of paintings he was working on for Days of Magic, Nights of War, his sequel to the wonderful Abarat. Walking through his makeshift gallery and looking at the characters from the book done in his inimitable style was mesmerizing.

Now you can have a similar experience. Clive has a solo show opening at the wonderful Sloan Fine Art gallery in Manhattan on Wednesday, April 16th (from 7 to 9 PM). The show features recent paintings and conceptual sketches from the upcoming film "Midnight Meat Train." (Sounds like a Clive Barker movie, doesn't it?)

Don't miss this show. And don't go to sleep alone after you do.


Clive Barker's official website

Sloan Fine Art

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