Tuesday, April 1, 2008

North by Northwest remixed & London After the Rain



Okay, we at PopDrawer must admit that we are a little confused by this, but sometimes confusion can be a blissful state. And so it is when as we watched a number of videos put out by students and teachers at London's Bartlett School of Architecture. These videos were created by Unit 15, overseen by professor Nic Clear, and are as good an approximation of what the future of cinema might look like as any we've ever seen. We must admit that we don't quite understand how many of these films fit into the study of architecture, but in the well-chosen words of Dwell Magazine, "each film functions as an architectural proposal -- or as an avant-garde form of urban analysis."

Uh... Uh-huh.

All we know is that we could spend hours mesmerized by the surreal images of beauty. There are dozens on the website, but we have highlighted two of our faves, London After the Rain by Ben Olszyna-Marzys, and an untitled remix of North by Northwest by Mario Balducci, which at once reminds of us Alfred Hitchcock's brilliance and demonstrates what can happen when a talented artist gets hold of a perfect original (let's please leave Gus Van Sant's shot-for-shot remake of Psycho out of this).

Remember that these are videos, so please click on the links to see them in their full glory. (If you have trouble viewing the videos, try right-clicking and choosing "play in Real Player.")



Untitled (remix of North by Northwest)

London After the Rain

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