Friday, April 25, 2008

Greg Lamarche's Collages

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Here at PopDrawer, we're writers, not visual artists. Visual Art is something we never could do. Except collage. Somewhere in our parents' attic sits collages we created that were cherished, and then soon forgotten. And then we look at Greg Lamarche's collages and suddenly realize... crap, we can't do collage either. Because Mr. Lamarche's precise, artful collages are a thing of beauty and wonder. Painstakingly ordered and alive with movement, they are somehow folk art and fine art all at once. And since they are made mostly of letters, the writer in us falls in love with them at first sight.

According to an interview with Mr. Lamarche (AKA SP One, graffiti artist) in Juztapoz Magazine last year, he spends weeks cutting letters from all kinds of sources, piles them high in his studio, and then begins to lay them out to match designs that are percolating in his head and sometimes sketched in advance. The result is 12-25 pieces for a show like "Things I Picked up Along the Way" now up at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. The show, which opened April 19th, may still have some pieces available (they run from as little as $250 to $2200). Check it out and stare in wonder while you still can.

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Greg Lamarche's official site

"Things I Picked up Along the Way" at White Walls Gallery

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