Thursday, April 17, 2008

Art Supermarket!


PopDrawer proudly counts amongst its international audience readers from 39 countries, including South Korea, Iceland, Poland, Uruguay, and Malta (?!). 17 countries in Europe are represented in our global community. And yet... no Austria. No Mozart, no Sacher torte or Linzer torte, No Ah-nold. Or even Hedy Lamarr (yes, Austrian). So this post will help not a single PopDrawer reader.

Austria! Home of the Von Trapp Family Singers! Hummel figurines! And yes, Hedy Lamarr!

And also M-ARS, the world's first (as far as we know) Supermarket for art! In the heart of Vienna, certainly the most beautiful boring city on Earth, M-ARS offers checkout lines, supermarket scanners, and even shopping carts for the paintings. According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, "A distinguished panel of art historians and directors from European museums and cultural academies curates the collection -- more than 1,000 paintings, sculptures and photographs by 50 artists." Prices run from $15 to $1300. (Presented here, the work of Ursula Rock and Elke Orange.

PopDrawer hopes that M-ARS soon understands the wisdom of fellow European market IKEA (a moment please, as we wipe the Ikea-produced drool from our chins) and conquers the world! And yes, Liesl, there is a web shop.


M-ARS, the art supermarket

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