Friday, April 4, 2008

Your Wishes Come True with Friends With You!


Friends With You, the amazing design/art collective out of Miami, is throwing down some wonderful new toys that can actually be used by *GASP* children! But that doesn't mean you can't keep them on a high shelf away from the little ankle-biters. Your choice. But at this price ($7.50 each), why not give the little whipper-snappers a tiny token of your appreciation?

According to the Friends With You website, "These magical toys feature weighted bottoms and built-in bell chimes, giving them all a playful rocking motion and a subtle, soothing sound. The series features six primary characters - Coco, Fluffy Pop, Malfi, Buddy Chub, Popo and Mr. TTT - plus 3 bonus chase figures that have yet to be revealed." PopDrawer just bought the whole set! Be warned, Friends With you toys often sell out. (When you get to the website, click on "Wish Come True" in the middle of the page.)


Friends With You website

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