Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Noferin - Magical Mysterious Australian Art Duo


There is some amazing Pop Surrealism art coming out of Australia -- >Nathan J (aka Nathan Jurevicious) leaps to mind. Add to that list the team known as Noferin. And their newest solo exhibition (is it a solo exhibition if the solo artist is actually two people?) is closing this weekend at Copro/Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Titled "The start; or where we begin" is full of richly-detailed fantastical paintings starring Noferin's trademark pill-shaped animals in beautiful woodland settings on fictional Carrara Island. See the show here.

According to their website, Noferin is the collaboration of Candy and Nicho (no last names allowed in modern Australian art, apparently). One is a graphic designer, the other an environmental scientist (!). Together, they create the art (and stories) of Carrara Island. They sell prints in their online store, but currently they are all sold out. Keep checking back for new ones.

However, their show of originals at Copro/Nason is not completely sold out! There are still a few pieces, ranging from $1900 to $3800, and sculptures too! Grab them now before they disappear to Carrara Island forever.


Noferin's official site

"The start; or where we begin" show at Copro/Nason


Ben Rowe said...

Yep - glad that you found these guys. Noferin's work is great. Their wooden sculptures at the show were just fantastic.

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

Thanks for the heads up on the wooden sculptures. Just checked them out. Awesome!