Friday, April 11, 2008

Femke Hiemstra & Travis Louie at Roq la Rue


A fantastic two person show opens tonight at Seattle's Roq la Rue, Kirsten Anderson's visionary Pop Surrealism gallery. Amsterdam's Femke Hiemstra and New York's Travis Louie star in what is sure to be an amazing show that opens tonight, Friday April 11th, from 6-9 PM. For Ms. Anderson's book on Pop Surrealism, look here.

From Roq la Rue's website, a bit about each artist:

Femke Hiemstra -- "Meticulously tight, jewel like mixed media paintings are homes to a dark, lush fairytale land where inanimate objects come to life and frolic with animal neighbors... Drawing from a range of influences, from firework wrappers to Japanese woodblock prints, Femke’s use of both pop culture detritus and child-like fantasy create a vibrant playground for the imagination, with each piece looking like a cover for a fantastical adventure book, which is left up to the viewer to imagine the story inside."

Travis Louie -- "Hypnotic “portraiture” is compelling for its blend of the hyper realistic with the blatantly unreal. Fantastical creatures gaze out from paintings so technically refined (using transparent layers of acrylic paint over a tight graphite drawing on a smooth flat surface) that they look uncannily like old photographs." Personally, all we here at PopDrawer can think of when we look at Mr. Louie's wonderful faux portraits is Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

The majority of works are not yet on the website as of this writing, but may very well be after the opening tonight. Keep checking back.


Fiemke Hiemstra's official site

Travis Louie's official site

Roq la Rue show

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