Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yumiko Kayukawa Opening - Extinction


The state of the environment seems to be becoming the prevalent theme in the modern art world. This weekend sees the opening of both Ryan McLennan's "From Fur to Bone", and PopDrawer favorite Yumiko Kayukawa's "Extinction." Using her trademark "candy-bright" colors to and images of "young women, animals, and traditional Japanese motifs," Kayukawa "blends fashion illustration, sharp iconic graphics, and meticulously rendered flora and fauna to create images that evoke a dreamy and enigmatically erotic tone." The artist describes her new show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, CA this way: "I've been creating work in the theme of communion with animals and nature for long time. That feeling of connection inside me is growing and growing through the process of painting. Because of that I feel increasingly sad about the situation between humanity and wildlife. 'Extinction' is an extremely scary word. I put that fear into my consciousness to help myself face it."

The opening reception is from 8 to 11 PM on Friday night. Contact as soon as possible if you are interested in purchasing. They are available now. Some are already sold. Yumiko's work typically sells out every show. The pieces range from $2800 to $7000.


"Extinction" at La Luz de Jesus

Yumiko Kayukawa's official site

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