Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Eye Art


If there's one physical feature that seems to stand out most in the works a number of Pop Surrealism's artists, it's the eyes. The big-ass eyes. Most famous of the big-eye artists, and possibly the modern creator, is Margaret Keane, who gained notoriety in the 1960s. But today the sub-genre has exploded. Artists as diverse as Mark Ryden, Lisa Petrucci, Gary Baseman, Dave Cooper, and Tim Biskup feature women, men and creatures who clearly go though a ton of Visine.

And now, some of them are collected in a new book called >"Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed" . The book features over 150 images by over 20 artists, and is a great addition to any coffee table. Get it here!

Lisa Petrucci

"Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed"

Monday, April 28, 2008

ALERT! Amy Ruppel Online Sale!


May Day, May Day! That's the day Amy Ruppel's newest online sale goes live. 10 AM PDT. Go to this link on Thursday morning to get your awesome Amy Ruppel goods. In the past she has sold mini paintings for as little as $40, up to larger paintings for $130. And stuff in the middle too.

Don't miss it! It sells out!


Amy Ruppel's Official Site

Online Sale Link

Sunday, April 27, 2008

One of our favorites - Kirsten Ulve


Kirsten Ulve is an artist whose work you see all the time. On products, on greeting cards, in magazines, and... at Target. She is a wildly successful graphic artist, but one whose work doesn't blend in with all the other repetitive images swirling around us in our daily acquisitive lives. Kirsten stands out. Way out. Everywhere we go, we are constantly pointing to her illustrations, telling everyone - "There's Kirsten Ulve! We have one of her pieces hanging in our toddler's room!" (Our toddler's room is where all our favorite art resides). Kirsten's medium is digital art. And she does things with the medium we've never seen before. As Kirsten's work proves, digital art deserves a vaulted position in the world of fine art right next to paint, photography and sculpture.

Fortunately for us, and you, her work is everywhere. Unfortunately, she does way too few fine art shows. We only know of three major shows of her work -- at Sixspace Gallery in Los Angeles in 2003 (which we were lucky enough to attend), her "Pictures You Will Like" solo show in Tokyo in 2005 and Chicago in 2006, and the most recent show at Gallery Hanahou in New York. We sincerely hope and pray there are more to come in the near future.

Luckily, there is a place where you can buy limited editions of her work! Visit her eye-popping web site , to purchase from the Japanese web shop Junie Moon. These are works from her Tokyo show. But there's more available than just those. Download the catalog from Gallery Hanahou ( and you can purchase a limited edition print for just $250. A couple of the images are available as huge canvas prints for $2600. You can also buy her journal or stationery set from Dark Horse here.


Kirsten Ulve's official site

Junie Moon shop

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't Read This Post!!

We are very hesitant to write this post. We just don't want you to know about this. But journalistic ethics prevent us from keeping this from you. Plus we have very big mouths. So here it comes...

The coolest art show and purchasing event of the year is next Saturday, May 3rd at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. The 4th annual Incognito fund-raising event is in full force from 7 to 9:30 PM and bigger than ever. To raise money for the museum, hundreds of acclaimed artists from around the world have created 8x10 pieces that will sell for $300. That's right, $300. These are in many cases pieces worth 10 times that amount. And they will all be on sale to the general public. Artists include Gary Baseman, Ed Ruscha, Alex Prager, Raymond Pettibon, Ed Moses, and literally HUNDREDS more. This is an amazing opportunity to own collectible art at a ridiculous price, AND discover a world of artists you may not yet know.

There are a number of ways to get into this event. In fact, there are two events. The reception is on the 3rd, with many of the artists in attendance, music by DJ Eddie Ruscha, and the first opportunity to purchase the works. For $100, you get entrance to the event, for $600, you get entrance for two, one artwork, and entrance to the event before anyone at the $100 level. For $1500, you get all the other benefits, plus an exclusive preview of the works on Wednesday April 30th. To order tickets call 310-586-6488. BUT WAIT! Don't want to PAY to see they works? No prob. Whatever is left over will be shown for free on Sunday May 4th from 11 AM to 3 PM.

The one thing we WON'T tell you is what city the Santa Monica Museum of Art is in. You'll have to do that detective work on your own. (Special thanks to ANN for this post!)

Incognito at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

Friday, April 25, 2008

Greg Lamarche's Collages

uplamarche 1.jpg

Here at PopDrawer, we're writers, not visual artists. Visual Art is something we never could do. Except collage. Somewhere in our parents' attic sits collages we created that were cherished, and then soon forgotten. And then we look at Greg Lamarche's collages and suddenly realize... crap, we can't do collage either. Because Mr. Lamarche's precise, artful collages are a thing of beauty and wonder. Painstakingly ordered and alive with movement, they are somehow folk art and fine art all at once. And since they are made mostly of letters, the writer in us falls in love with them at first sight.

According to an interview with Mr. Lamarche (AKA SP One, graffiti artist) in Juztapoz Magazine last year, he spends weeks cutting letters from all kinds of sources, piles them high in his studio, and then begins to lay them out to match designs that are percolating in his head and sometimes sketched in advance. The result is 12-25 pieces for a show like "Things I Picked up Along the Way" now up at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. The show, which opened April 19th, may still have some pieces available (they run from as little as $250 to $2200). Check it out and stare in wonder while you still can.

lamarche 2.jpg

Greg Lamarche's official site

"Things I Picked up Along the Way" at White Walls Gallery

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Take us to Chicago!!

We envy you if you live in or near Chi-town this Saturday night, the 26th. That's because L.A.'s premier gallery for Pop Surrealism, Billy Shire Fine Arts, is going on tour and joining one of Chicago's best, DvA Gallery, for a joint group show. And what a show! Here's a sampling: Liz McGrath, Glenn Barr, Ana Bagayan, Dave Cooper, Daniel Martin Diaz. And they'll all be in attendance! The list of other artists in the show who won't be making it include Shag, Chris Mars, Gary Taxali, and a dozen more. Want to see the works for sale? Well you've come to the right place. Take a gander. Some of these have already sold, so hurry!

If that weren't enough, there will also be a book, toy and merchandise signing by the artists in attendance. But good news -- you don't have to be present to get some swag. You can call the gallery (773-871-4382) and ask what's available (limited edition books, toys, clothing) and pre-order whatever you want. They will have it personalized and sent to you, wherever you may reside.

DvA Gallery and Billy Shire Fine Arts Group Show

Billy Shire Fine Arts

DvA Gallery

Paul Chatem at The Shooting Gallery


Camille Rose Garcia during Prohibition. That's what we think of when we see the feverish, nightmare paintings of Paul Chatem. Painted in sepia tones and featuring bootleggers, drunks, multi-limbed villains, Mr. Chatem's vivid works seem to have their own imaginary soundtrack of blues playing under them. And his latest show, "Runnin' on Empty" is running out of time at San Francisco's The Shooting Gallery, so check it out before it's gone (either in person or online).

According to Mr. Chatem's bio on his MySpace page, he has worked in the entertainment industry while developing his unique style (according to IMDB, he worked in art departments, natch). He has had solo shows around the West Coast, and been included in group shows all over North America. Mr. Chatem draws inspiration "from storytellers of all genres including painters, musicians, novelists, comic book artists, film makers, liars, pitchmen and con artists."

He has a few prints available in his online store for a mere $40. We don't know if any of his originals are still available at The Shooting Gallery, but they run the gamut from $500 to $4000, and if you're interested after checking them out online, you should contact the gallery directly.


Paul Chatem's official site

"Runnin' on Empty" at The Shooting Gallery

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Noferin - Magical Mysterious Australian Art Duo


There is some amazing Pop Surrealism art coming out of Australia -- >Nathan J (aka Nathan Jurevicious) leaps to mind. Add to that list the team known as Noferin. And their newest solo exhibition (is it a solo exhibition if the solo artist is actually two people?) is closing this weekend at Copro/Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Titled "The start; or where we begin" is full of richly-detailed fantastical paintings starring Noferin's trademark pill-shaped animals in beautiful woodland settings on fictional Carrara Island. See the show here.

According to their website, Noferin is the collaboration of Candy and Nicho (no last names allowed in modern Australian art, apparently). One is a graphic designer, the other an environmental scientist (!). Together, they create the art (and stories) of Carrara Island. They sell prints in their online store, but currently they are all sold out. Keep checking back for new ones.

However, their show of originals at Copro/Nason is not completely sold out! There are still a few pieces, ranging from $1900 to $3800, and sculptures too! Grab them now before they disappear to Carrara Island forever.


Noferin's official site

"The start; or where we begin" show at Copro/Nason

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not Enough Art by J. Otto Siebold!


You know J. Otto Siebold. At least you do if you have kids, know any kids, or feel like a kid. He's the genius behind Olive, the Other Reindeer, the Mr. Lunch series, Penguin Dreams and his latest opus Seamore, the Very Forgetful Porpoise. We started buying J. Otto books before we had kids, because the artwork was just stupendous. Now that we have kids, his books are part of the regular nightly repertoire. We've always wanted to own a piece of his art, but as he is a digital artist primarily, he has produced very little fine art, as far as we know.

Luckily, there is the absolutely outstanding Grass Hut Gallery in Portland (yes, again!) to help rectify that sad sad state of affairs. Currently Mr. Siebold is working at the gallery to produce a new show of original fine art. The show opens May 2nd, and there's a little sneak peak on the Grass Hut blog right now. Grass Hut typically offers some or all of the works to be viewed online and purchased from afar, so go to the site and sign up for the mailing list now. Personally, we believe that the art of J. Otto is not only a fine addition to any art collection, but also a great investment.

And by the way, there are some excellent high quality iris prints of Mr. Siebold's work at his online store right now. And of course, you can buy his wonderful books there too!


J. Otto Siebold's official site

Grass Hut Gallery

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Artist A Day


Since February of 2007, has been showcasing a new modern artist every day on their website. Their stated mission is to "bring attention to artists that otherwise don’t get the attention they deserve." They believe, as does PopDrawer, that artists are "under-valued, under-exposed, and generally under-appreciated," and ARTISTADAY is doing a great job at rectifying that situation. The artists profiled run the gamut from extremely well-known (such as Gary Taxali) to emerging (like Fuco Ueda), from American to Japanese and everything in between, from photographers to illustrators to painters.

Sign up for the daily email and have a work of art arrive every morning. That's what we do.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Jeremiah Ketner at M Modern Gallery - Hooray!


PopDrawer has just stumbled on the work of Chicago-based artist Jeremiah Ketner, and boy do we feel dumb. What took us so long?! If you like Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara (and we DO!), you'll like Mr. Ketner. His work certainly is original and unique and stands on its own, but the aesthetic is similar enough to know that a fan of one will most likely be a fan of the other.

According to the bio on his website, "Ketner draws inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, packaging design, magazine ads and urban graffiti... Jeremiah's paintings are an assemblage of muted tones, non-dimensional forms, flower like shapes, and charming little creatures navigating through a sort of candy-land world. The paintings are created with no preliminary drawing; a composition is formed haphazardly and then outlined through the building process of layers."

And now you have a chance to hang one of his sugar-coated masterpieces in your home, as he has a solo show opening at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs Saturday, April 19th titled "Another Tomorrow." But no matter where you live you can see the paintings here, and buy them by phone (or perhaps online). The paintings run from $450 (cheap!) to $4000, and will knock your eyes out.

If originals are too rich for your blood, prints and t-shirts are available in his online store. Prices start as low as $15!


Jeremiah Ketner's official site

"Another Tomorrow" at M Modern Gallery

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Art Supermarket!


PopDrawer proudly counts amongst its international audience readers from 39 countries, including South Korea, Iceland, Poland, Uruguay, and Malta (?!). 17 countries in Europe are represented in our global community. And yet... no Austria. No Mozart, no Sacher torte or Linzer torte, No Ah-nold. Or even Hedy Lamarr (yes, Austrian). So this post will help not a single PopDrawer reader.

Austria! Home of the Von Trapp Family Singers! Hummel figurines! And yes, Hedy Lamarr!

And also M-ARS, the world's first (as far as we know) Supermarket for art! In the heart of Vienna, certainly the most beautiful boring city on Earth, M-ARS offers checkout lines, supermarket scanners, and even shopping carts for the paintings. According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, "A distinguished panel of art historians and directors from European museums and cultural academies curates the collection -- more than 1,000 paintings, sculptures and photographs by 50 artists." Prices run from $15 to $1300. (Presented here, the work of Ursula Rock and Elke Orange.

PopDrawer hopes that M-ARS soon understands the wisdom of fellow European market IKEA (a moment please, as we wipe the Ikea-produced drool from our chins) and conquers the world! And yes, Liesl, there is a web shop.


M-ARS, the art supermarket

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Won't you play me, the jazz hot maybe -- Robert Pokorny


M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs has lined up another great show, this time with artist Robert Pokorny. The show, titled "Transitions" is described in the press release this way: "Transactions explores an abstraction of the figure, drawing on inspiration from Jazz Album Covers, Modern to Post Modern Art and contemporary culture. Time, movement and a state of transition are embodied in Pokorny’s sophisticated character driven pieces."

Mr. Pokorny's illustrations have been featured in magazines, newspapers and on CDs, and he has created band posters for a long list of rock luminaries, including Sonic Youth, Damien Rice, Rilo Kiley, Jack Johnson, and many others. In fact, you can purchase many of them in his online store. He also has other great merchandise in his store, including t-shirts, throw pillows, and birthday cards.

The show opens April 19th, from 7 to 10, and Mr. Pokorny will be in attendance. Can't make it to sunny Palm Springs? You can still purchase the works from the gallery. They run from $900 to $1500 and can be seen here.


Robert Pokorny's official site

Transitions at M Modern Gallery

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Incredibly Cheap Wonderful Art --


Today PopDrawer discovered (thank you to Minsun P.) and we instantly found people after our own hearts. perfectly matches the goal and intent of PopDrawer -- to help art lovers (or those interested in becoming art lovers) find art that they can afford to start building a collection... or just to enjoy.

Here is what is all about, in the words of creators Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea'la Finch. "We are lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of friends who are amazing and talented people. We started thinking that it would be really nice if we could create a forum and community where all of this incredible talent could be showcased. Pricing was an issue - most of our friends aren't exactly rich, so we began exploring a smaller medium where the artist could make some money on smaller pieces of artwork. The art enthusiast, on the other hand, gets to take home their piece of artwork for around the same price as a CD, book or record... Each week we pick a new piece of tiny artwork and turn the work into a limited-run print production. Each run is printed on archival Hahnemühle German Printmaking Paper. The archival ink is specially treated and sprayed, giving it an archival lifespan of over 60 years."

If that's not enough, a percentage of the money from each print sold is donated to a charity chosen by the artist.

And now, the artwork. Every Tuesday evening, Tiny Showcase releases a new limited edition print. They appear to sell out very quickly. Tiny Showcase has featured the work of PopDrawer favorites Amy Ruppel, Ronald Kurniawan, S. Britt, Aesthetic Apparatus, and many many others. The prints are usually in limited editions of 100 for about $40, but they are also currently offering a non-editioned set of four prints for just $100 ($30 each individually, including the work of Josh Keyes). They even offer some fantastic t-shirts (by Jen Corace, Deth P. Sun, and Jesse LeDoux).

Hooray for Tiny Showcase!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Clive Barker at Sloan Fine Art


This one is close to my heart. As a screenwriter I had the pleasure worked with Clive Barker a few years ago (he was in a producing capacity on this project). He was wildly talented, gracious, humble, kind, and inspiring. Working with him was a fantastic experience. But just as exciting as working with the master of horror was seeing a collection of paintings he was working on for Days of Magic, Nights of War, his sequel to the wonderful Abarat. Walking through his makeshift gallery and looking at the characters from the book done in his inimitable style was mesmerizing.

Now you can have a similar experience. Clive has a solo show opening at the wonderful Sloan Fine Art gallery in Manhattan on Wednesday, April 16th (from 7 to 9 PM). The show features recent paintings and conceptual sketches from the upcoming film "Midnight Meat Train." (Sounds like a Clive Barker movie, doesn't it?)

Don't miss this show. And don't go to sleep alone after you do.


Clive Barker's official website

Sloan Fine Art

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alex Lukas' Explosions


We wish we knew more about Alex Lukas. We plan to find out more. Meanwhile, we just goggle at his beautiful art. Mr. Lukas has a 2-person show coming up at PARK LIFE in San Francisco beginning May 9th, and has had numerous solo and group shows in the past few years. And PopDrawer is going on record to predict that he will have many more shows in the coming years.

Here is what we learned from Pike Modern Art Gallery in Milford, Pennsylvania. "While a Rhode Island School of Design student in 2001, Lukas founded Cantab Publishing, which specializes in low run, hand made artists' 'zines. Since that time he has released more than 20 titles, including over 1,500 copies made by hand. In 2005, Lukas was crowned the "King of Zine" by Tokion Magazine. Lukas has contributed both artwork and writing to Swindle Magazine, Apenest and The Drama Magazine."

Here's what we know from just enjoying his art. He likes drawing fire and smoke. His work often focuses on buildings, factories, etc. with a frightening but beautiful plume of fire and smoke emitting from them, as if an explosion has just taken place. (At PopDrawer we understand this fascination -- as the brilliant Harry Shearer once said "Fire -- man's first entertainment, man's best entertainment.) And some of his newer works show floods overtaking similar landscapes. Fascinating and horrifying all at once. PopDrawer will be following his career closely.


Alex Lukas' official site

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mars-1's Strange and Beautiful Vision of the Universe


Just whose universe we don't know. All we know is that the visions are mind-bendingly beautiful.

Mars-1 (AKA Mario Martinez) has this to say about his work on his website. "My style stems from a living dream. My imagination conjures an alien landscape that exists somewhere in the space of my mind." His website also explains that "...his unique style has been described as urban-Gothic, a dimensional grid of self-echoing harmonics, and sci-fi abstracted, quasi-organic form."

Mars-1 has had numerous shows, illustrations in magazines, and amazing toys produced. He currently has a print called Strange Cargo available on his website. At PopDrawer we check into his website regularly to see what wonders he has made available to us Earthlings. You should do the same.


Mars-1's official site

Friday, April 11, 2008

Femke Hiemstra & Travis Louie at Roq la Rue


A fantastic two person show opens tonight at Seattle's Roq la Rue, Kirsten Anderson's visionary Pop Surrealism gallery. Amsterdam's Femke Hiemstra and New York's Travis Louie star in what is sure to be an amazing show that opens tonight, Friday April 11th, from 6-9 PM. For Ms. Anderson's book on Pop Surrealism, look here.

From Roq la Rue's website, a bit about each artist:

Femke Hiemstra -- "Meticulously tight, jewel like mixed media paintings are homes to a dark, lush fairytale land where inanimate objects come to life and frolic with animal neighbors... Drawing from a range of influences, from firework wrappers to Japanese woodblock prints, Femke’s use of both pop culture detritus and child-like fantasy create a vibrant playground for the imagination, with each piece looking like a cover for a fantastical adventure book, which is left up to the viewer to imagine the story inside."

Travis Louie -- "Hypnotic “portraiture” is compelling for its blend of the hyper realistic with the blatantly unreal. Fantastical creatures gaze out from paintings so technically refined (using transparent layers of acrylic paint over a tight graphite drawing on a smooth flat surface) that they look uncannily like old photographs." Personally, all we here at PopDrawer can think of when we look at Mr. Louie's wonderful faux portraits is Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

The majority of works are not yet on the website as of this writing, but may very well be after the opening tonight. Keep checking back.


Fiemke Hiemstra's official site

Travis Louie's official site

Roq la Rue show

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Artcotic - Offering Fine Art T-Shirts in Limited Editions!


Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? How about wearing your taste on your chest? In recent years t-shirts designed by successful artists have been easier and easier to find (case in point: Shepard Fairey's excellent, high-quality OBEY line of clothing). Now website Artcotic makes it even easier.

Artcotic offers a line of t-shirts featuring artists such as Elizabeth McGrath, Dalek, and Frank Kozik. The t-shirts are in the $25-$30 range and are generally limited to an edition of 250 or 500. This way you won't show up to the same fetish ball sporting the same t-shirt and tattoos as the other dude. How embarrassing...


Artcotic store

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mark Ryden's Fantastical Universe - REPOST

Somehow this original post got lost on the server, so here it is again in all it’s... glory? PopDrawer’s first post ever.


Might as well start with an undisputed member of Pop Surrealism’s royalty, the remarkable Mark Ryden. Mark’s work (along with the work of Shag) was what first started my on this journey about 10 years ago. His work draws on references such as historical icons (e.g. Lincoln), prehistoric plants, vintage toys, dime-store art, to name just a few, all done with classical technique. He has said in interviews that he “truly feels the world is a wondrous and miraculous place” and it shows in his paintings.

Mr. Ryden’s work are just about as unaffordable as art gets in the particular subculture that this site covers, but PopDrawer wants to focus on art in all forms, not just canvas originals. I’ve seen Mr. Ryden’s orginals go for anywhere from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but his limited editions generally sell for $2000 to $3000. And his books are far less. Products usually sell out, but here you can buy a copy of Fushigi Circus, an excellent compilation of work published by a Japanese press.

The image here is a work from the recent Art Basel in Miami. Enjoy!

Mark Ryden's official site

And the award for best new magazine goes to...


Hi-Fructose! It's a fairly new magazine (currently on issue 7) focusing on Pop Surrealism and art of that ilk, and it's fan-friggin'-tastic. Gorgeous art, beautiful art direction, nice blog, great ads. It's Juxtapoz for the new century.

We just finished the newest issue and virtually every page was a candy store for the eyes. Artists include Paul Pope (cover art), Chris Mars, Naoto Hattori, KRK Ryden, and lots more. The mag currently comes out every quarter, but hopefully a monthly circulation is around the corner. Buy it online or at your favorite well-stocked newsstand or bookstore.


Hi-Fructose Magazine

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Enigmatic Alex Gross


To be honest, we don't know if artist Alex Gross is enigmatic himself, but his works most definitely are. Mr. Gross is one of the most accomplished artists in the broad field of Surreal Pop (or Pop Surrealism), and his first solo New York show opened this past weekend at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show, entitled "Mysteries and Manners" is full of his otherworldly paintings that include his trademark vintage Asian advertising references and animal imagery. It's another stunning show for Mr. Gross.

According the press release: "Mysteries and Manners features highly involved, figurative paintings that contain enigmatic narratives. Birds and butterflies, snakes and goats, crashing aircraft, beautiful brides, and even ice cream cones populate Alex’s large canvases. There is a dreamlike quality in all of his work, creating unusual hybrids that form some strange new world, which we cannot fully decipher. Alex’s figures, barely emotive at times, seem peacefully ambivalent towards their complex, chaotic environments. His work suggests the unspoken distress of humanity—that, which is understood by all, yet remains hidden from human consciousness." There are still some works available in the gallery's online store, some for a mere $450.

Mr. Gross has published two books of his works, and had a museum retrospective of his work in California. In addition to his books, you can purchase some jaw-droppingly gorgeous limited edition giclees on his own website. The editions are limited to 50, and cost from $149 to $399.


"Mysteries and Manners" at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Alex Gross' official website

Monday, April 7, 2008

Photography Break - Gregory Crewdson - New Show


What can PopDrawer say about Gregory Crewdson that hasn't been said on, say, NPR, or on PBS, or in Time Magazine, or dozens of other publications? Not much. Nothing more intelligent, that's for sure. Let's just say that we love his large-scale photography for its bold cinematic quality, its haunting images, its sheer expense of production. His photos are like great films condensed into one frame. Let the photos speak for themselves.

His new show opened at Luhring Augustine in New York on April 5th. It runs until May 3rd. Visit if you can. If you can't, check out one of his remarkable books here. Open your mouth and say Ahhh...



Gregory Crewdson show at Luring Augustine

Sunday, April 6, 2008

MORE Amy Ruppel! Plus Seth Neefus and Jill Bliss


The Nesting Dolls Show at Grass Hut Gallery in Portland starring the work of Amy Ruppel and Trish Grantham is the 2nd show in as many weeks to feature the work of Amy. Last week at the recently opened TogetherGallery in Portland (we have got to do a feature on Portland, Oregon and it's amazing galleries SOON!), a show entitled The Color of Nature opened featuring the work of Amy, Seth Neefus, and Jill Bliss. And as far as PopDrawer can tell, reasonably priced pieces are still readily available!

Go to the online store and peruse (and BUY) works ranging in price from a mere $30 to $500. Did you read that?! That's original art for $30!!! You would pay as much for a NON-limited edition POSTER from your nearby museum. You can't pass this up.



Amy Ruppel

Seth Neefus's official site

Jill Bliss's official site

The Color of Nature store


Amy Ruppel & Trish Grantham UPDATE


Thank you to Amy Ruppel for sending PopDrawer these fantastic photos of their installation currently running at Grass Hut Gallery in Portland (see previous post). The installation is as beautiful as the works of art (in fact, the installation is itself a work of art.

The photos include a shot of Trish Grantham standing with some of her work. Enjoy!



Grass Hut Show

Amy Ruppel's official site

Trish Grantham's official site

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nesting Dolls Art Show - Grantham & Ruppel



What a cool idea! Well-known Portland artists Trish Grantham and Amy Ruppel have created a new show at Bwana Spoons' Grass Hut Gallery in Portland that features their takes on the Russian nesting doll tradition. They are each showing a few sets of custom designed and created dolls, as well as some of their paintings. All of the work is available here, on the Grass Hut site.

Ms. Grantham is a self-taught painter, known for her cartoon and Anime-like characters done in vivid pastels (is vivid pastel an oxymoron? Not in Ms. Grantham's work!) on mixed-media backgrounds. Her paintings are dreamy and humorous, sometimes telling a story, sometimes telling a joke, sometimes setting a scene.

Ms. Ruppel's delightful simple designs hearken back to the late 50s and 60s. Her work, often featuring birds, has been featured on Burton snowboards and Uniqlo t-shirts, and can be found in galleries from her native Pacific Northwest to London.

The pieces range from $150 to $800, although they may already be sold out. At the store on the Grass Hut site, the items are all listed as "not available." We are not sure if this is because they have already been sold or the site is not yet selling them. But if you're interested in a piece, do not hesitate to email them and ask.

But if they are sold out, you can still purchase original art from Ms. Grantham in her online store in the $200-$350 range, and from Ms. Ruppel's site starting May 2nd.



Grass Hut Show

Amy Ruppel's official site

Trish Grantham's official site