Friday, May 16, 2008

Concept Art - The Lost Art (


The war room in Dr. Strangelove, the spinners (flying cars) in Blade Runner, the towers of Rivendell from The Fellowship of the Ring. All fantastical visions, come to life before our eyes in celluloid glory. But before they were built or animated, they were concepts, drawn by the mostly unknown artists behind the scenes. Concept Art, the work created by artists from nothing more than the writers' words or directors' plans, is something of a lost art, rarely seen by the public except in occasional museum displays or behind the scenes DVD featurettes. That is, until was founded in 2002 by concept designer (and Director of Entertainment Design at Art Center in Pasadena) Scott Robertson to publish art books showcasing the amazing work of great concept designers. Now, six years later, the press publishes and sells countless books, including limited editions, full of eye-popping concept art.

Go to the online store and feast your eyes.

(The work presented here is that of Scott Robertson. And thanks to Jesse Alexander - - for the discovery.)


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