Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sketch Tuesday - What a Cool Idea!


I have a friend who owns an original Salvador Dali sketch. What's it worth? Hundreds of thousands, for sure. What did it cost? Nothing. Nada, zilch, zippo. See, my friend's grandfather was a world famous cellist, and one day he happened to be at a book store when he saw a coffee table book of Dali's work. He bought the book, and when he was on his way home, he bumped into (yes, hard to believe) DALI! Dali knew of the cellist, and the cellist obviously knew of Dali, so they hugged right there in the street, having never before met but being great fans of the other's work. The cellist then produced the book he had in his shopping bag. Dali grabbed it and drew a sketch on the endpapers. Now my friend owns that book. Nice.

So... tonight (May 27th), 111 Minna Gallery will be the site of Sketch Tuesday, an evening featuring original sketches DRAWN RIGHT ON THE SPOT by a number of San Francisco's most prominent and promising artists. 27 of them, in fact! The artists will be drawing and then selling their pieces from 6-9 PM. Participating artists include Kelly Tunstall, Ferris Plock, and Deth P. Sun. And while you're there, don't miss the awesome Circus exhibition, a collaboration between Kelly and Ferris.

Wish I could be there. Then maybe I would walk away with a very reasonable sketch that someday might sell for hundreds of thousands.


111 Minna Gallery

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