Friday, May 23, 2008

The Pink Worlds of Fawn Gehweiler


In this case the "Pink Worlds" in question is the title of Fawn Gehweiler's new show opening tonight at Aftermodern Gallery in San Francisco. The show, also featuring the work of Dana Carlson, is inspired by "Pink Worlds and White Icing," a collection of poems written by a 12 year-old girl in the late 1960s. Nothing could be more appropriate for the eye-popping candy-coated work of Ms. Gehweiler.

According to the Aftermodern website, "Fawn Gehweiler’s aesthetic hinges on a delicate balance of past and present, building obsessive narratives through personal artifacts that reflect the imaginary worlds of little girls, treading the fine line between wide eyed innocence and dark fairy tales." Far better than we could have said. We love the mod-inspired fashion, the pouty big-eyed faces, the Good & Plenty color palette, and we think you will too. Contact the gallery if you're interested in making a purchase.


Fawn Gehweiler's Official Site

"Pink Worlds" at Aftermodern Gallery

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