Thursday, May 1, 2008

How much will it cost for some great art books? NADA!


I apologize to all the non-Angelenos out there, because May 3rd is a great day to be in the City of Angels. The LA County Museum of Art will be hosting NADA, the New Art Dealers Alliance, and their Art Book Swap. From Noon to 5 PM, you can bring art books that you don't want anymore (your Nagel retrospective, for instance), and trade it for an art book that has been left by another donor. The stated goals of this swap are, according to NADA, to "inject social energy into inherently private pursuits (reading, book collecting), to create an interconnecting network of information and interchange between strangers, and to reshape an untold number of private book collections by reenergizing them with new materials and topics. My goal is to get some cool books for FREE!

And if that's not good enough, all books left over will be donated to The Bunche Center Prison Outreach Program. AND anyone who participates in the swap will receive 10% off admission to the newly renovated museum (Renzo Piano's addition is a sight to behold). Hope to see you there!

And don't forget the PopDrawer Art Book online store, in case you don't get what you want this Saturday!

The Book Swap

NADA - New Art Dealers Alliance

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