Tuesday, May 13, 2008

French Invasion - Koralie at the Joshua Liner Gallery


Do you remember that scene in Moonstruck where Danny Aiello tells Cher he can't marry her, and then his brother, Nicolas Cage asks her to marry him, and she accepts, and Cher's grandfather starts crying, and Vincent Gardenia asks Cher's grandfather "What's the matter Pop?" and the grandfather says through tears "I'm confused."? If you do, you have some idea how I am feeling, having just visited the website of amazing artist Koralie. Go ahead. Visit it. I bet you're confused too. It's a total treat of chill-out music and eye-popping visuals, where you can actually choose from four themes, all showing the same content in a different scene with different music. That much I get. But from there, I just don't know what's going on? I go to "news" and see a picture of two good-looking French folks in identical t-shirts. Is one of them Koralie? Did Koralie design the shirts? Is this actually "news?" And is Koralie a last name, a first name, a made-up name? I have no answers, only questions. I'm confused.

At least one thing is certain. Koralie will be having a solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York starting May 17th at 6 AM. Maybe you can go and sort some of this out for me. Maybe Koralie will be there. Maybe you will fall in love with Koralie's awesome, precise paintings of ornately-costumed vaguely-Asian beauties as I have. Maybe you'l get a chance to buy her cool and kitschy French Dunny. Maybe you'll be amazed at how Koralie's work began as graffiti in the streets of France. Or maybe you'll just cry and be confused. I'll understand if that happens.


Koralie's Official Site

Joshua Liner Gallery

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