Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Michael Caines - When Animals Almost Attack


We here at PopDrawer have always been a little obsessed with animal attacks. Don't know why. It's not unnatural -- as a species, human beings have no natural defenses any longer, other than our big brains, which just seem to be getting us in a lot of trouble these days. But lacking claws, sharp teeth, or fast legs, we're just sort of sitting ducks. Not sure if there's any connection here to Toronto-based Michael Caines, but his disturbing yet beautifully drawn visuals conjure up (at least in our imaginations) the moment just before a group of animals take down their sad human prey. There is little more disturbing than seeing a group of animals come together unnaturally, and Mr. Caines' art is swimming in packs of dogs, colonies of rats, sleuths of bears, murders of crows... well, you get the gnarly idea.

Enjoy these beautiful works from Mr. Caines' show at Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects in Toronto, Canada. And buy one! It looks like a few are available.


Michael Caines' Official Site

Michael Caines at Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

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