Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Distorted Beauty of Scott G. Brooks


Laugh or cry? You're often not sure what to do when looking at a piece by Scott G. Brooks. The characters in his paintings seem to be raw reflections of the weaknesses of people and society, and are both tragic and comedic at the same time. Take, for instance, the painting below, "Cannibal Cub Scout." It tickles and revolts all at once. And done in Mr. Brooks' inimitable style of distorted faces, outsized limbs, odd proportions, it only disturbs you more.

Mr. Brooks is based in Washington D.C. and in addition to his fine art has illustrated three children's books. He is currently in the middle of a solo show at D.C.'s Long View Gallery. Paintings are still available from the show, titled "Under the Skin."

We may not know whether to laugh or cry, but we always remember to marvel.


Scott G. Brooks' Official Site

"Under the Skin"

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