Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gary Baseman doesn't sleep!


Clearly Gary Baseman is hopped-up on caffeine. He must be, judging by the amount of activity coming up at GaryBaseman.com. Starting Wednesday, May 21st at 10 AM PDT, Gary will be offering four books on the site: the limited edition My Hunger for Venison, Ppaper (featuring the "Dumb Luck in Asia show), Dumb Luck (the fantastic Baseman retrospective, and Strong Stuff (the wonderful children's book Gary did for the Getty Museum in Los Angeles).

Then, on June 9th at 10 AM PDT, Baseman.com will start selling Black HotChaChaCha with a giclee print, both signed by Gary. This is a limited run with only 50 available. And in August, a new Baseman book featuring Gary's "I Melt in Your Presence" called Dying of Thirst will also be available.

Meanwhile, Gary is feverishly preparing for his solo show in Barcelona at Iguapop Gallery. Perfect for a weekend trip!

All Gary all the time...


Gary Baseman's Official Site

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