Sunday, May 11, 2008

Urgent Update on Liz McGrath and Scott Musgrove

Liz McGrath

As of Saturday afternoon, a few last-minute works of Liz McGrath's sold out show at Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery became available, and a a few of Scott Musgrove's works are also still available. Mr. Musgrove's available pieces run from $4000 to $5500, and Ms. McGrath's run from $250 to $450. Get them before they're gone!

(The pieces on Ms. Grath's preview sites that are available are not marked as such, so look for the ones titled "Head Bee," "X Marks the Spot," and "Wedensday.")

Scott Musgrove

Elizabeth McGrath's small watercolors, and large watercolors

Scott Musgrove's show

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