Monday, May 5, 2008

In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki TIki Room...

Amy Crehore

Palm Springs goes tiki wild this weekend (as it does every year at this time with the annual Tiki Caliente tropical madness), but just as significantly with M Modern Gallery's 5th Anniversary Tiki Exhibit. And the lineup is tiki-rific! (Please forgive us for that).

The glorious Amy Crehore, Shag, Anthony Ausgang, Chris Reccardi & Lynne Naylor (long-time PopDrawer faves), Miles Thompson (we have one of his tiki originals on our wall as we write this), Derek Yaniger, Naoto Hattori, The Pizz, and many many more. Yowza!

And if that weren't enough, everything else in the gallery (excluding the tiki show and the solo shows of Derek Yaniger and Lyle Motley) will be ON SALE. As usual, the gallery will most likely sell the works online, so be sure to check in all week to see the works as soon as they go online.

Miles Thompson


M Modern Gallery

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