Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Amy Ruppel Works Too Hard


We know this because she (Amy Ruppel, that is) has two, count 'em, TWO shows opening this Thursday in Portland. The first is at Grassy Knoll Gallery, and Amy will be showing not only her paintings, but also some wooden houses, and something new -- hand block printed fabric. Amy was a printmaking major in college, so it makes sense that she'd try this direction. Can't wait to see the result.

Second (or rather tied for first, since the opening occurs at the same time, from 6-9 PM), Amy will be at Tender Loving Empire showing her "Small and Cheap" show, which features oversized, expensive art. Ha, had you going there for a second, didn't we? Or not. Anyway, in this small show, Amy will have 6 small detailed wax paintings in this one, shaped like houses." See them below.

Enjoy and buy!


Amy Ruppel

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