Monday, June 16, 2008

Zeptonn Attacks!


We know it sounds like the title of a 1950s sci-fi movie, but it actually describes the work of urban illustrator Zeptonn of the Netherlands. Zeptonn (Mr. Zeptonn?) has worked with Greenpeace, Playstation, Threadless, and designed t-shirts, skateboards, wall decals and more. His work is populated by colorful, cheerful (or enraged) creatures and monsters done in a bright, animated style. Some of his prints are available in limited editions here.

But Zeptonn's newest project is more black and white. In fact, it's only black and white. He has just released a book titled "Black and White Freedrawings" that is a collaboration amongst over 40 international artists. Each artist worked with Zeptonn, drawing in a style he refers to as "collab tennis," where the artist would draw or doodle a portion, then send it back to Zeptonn, where he would add more, and so on until the work was deemed completed. According to Zeptonn "the collaborations are called "freedrawings" to highlight the lack of restrictions, themes and guidelines, giving the participants free reign to experiment and explore. At the same time these drawings are not a preliminary sketch, but the final artwork. They are shown in their pure form, without any editing or polishing." It's fantastic stuff.

The book features work of people like Jon Burgerman, DGPH, Philip Tseng, Hello Brute, Hicalorie, Jawa, Mulheres Barbadas, Nick Deakin, Peskimo, Meomi, Von Glitschka, Shin Tanaka, Meni Tzima and many others. An the book was created in a very environmentally-friendly manner, using a waterless printing process, vegetable-based inks, and 100% recycled paper.

The first edition is limited to 450, and is available for 47 Euros here. Hurry, before the dollar drops any lower!


Zeptonn's Official Site

Black and White Freedrawings

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