Monday, June 2, 2008

Yosemite Studio Opens at Grass Hut

Seonna Hong

Yosemite Studio Opens at Grass Hut... Do any of those words fit together? What the *&%$# does it mean?

Let's look at the individual parts. Yosemite -- National park located in Central California. Studio -- Many definitions, here meaning working location for artist or group of artists. Opens -- Many definitions, here meaning begins, or possible sporting events. Hut -- Structure where Gilligan lived. Grass -- Place for splendor.

Unfortunately, that was no help.

Thankfully, when we go to artist Bwana Spoons' Grass Hut Gallery website, we discover that the Yosemite Studio is the place where five phenomenal artists ply their trade. Seonna Hong, Souther Salazar, Esther Pearl Watson, and Mark Todd. And these "Yosemite Studiomates" have a new show opening at our favorite Portland Gallery on June 6th.

Get ready for some awesome gorgeousity. Here's a preview...

Post more when we get it!

Souther Salazar

Yosemite Studio at Grass Hut

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