Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Exactly are Micro Bops? - UPDATE: POPDRAWER DISCOUNT!!


Everybody loves actor Richard Edson. The unmistakable sad eyes and crushed nose draw stares when he strolls around an L.A. gallery, appreciating the work on the walls. You'd know him instantly if you saw him, and you'd instantly remember all his performances that blew you away. Thick-headed but lovable Vito in Do the Right Thing. The joy-riding garage attendant who takes off in Cameron's car in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. His remarkable first film appearance as Eddie in Stranger Than Paradise. And, like, 80 other TV and film roles. Well it turns out there's even more to love about Richard Edson. In addition to being a fantastic actor, he's a fantastic photographer as well!

Next Thursday, June 19th, will mark the East Coast debut of Edson's show "Beyond the Valley of the Micro Bops, at Jackie's Backroom Gallery in Silver Spring, MD. The show is a series of richly-hued, narrow-focus macro-lens shots of toys. (I'm guessing these are the titular micro bops?). Whatever they're called, they're lovely. The prints are 36" x 24" and available for purchase (they are $1500 each, but see below for a special discount!). Go HERE to see the online gallery and choose your poison.

POPDRAWER SPECIAL!! Mention the "PopDrawer Discount" and you will get a special discount available to PopDrawer readers!!

Wait, did you know Mr. Edson was also a founding member of Sonic Youth?!


Richard Edson's Beyond the Valley of the Micro Bops

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