Friday, June 27, 2008

Tigerlilly and Tim Biskup, Keeping It in the Family


John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia Coppola. Fernando Lamas and Lorenzo Lamas. All great pairs where the talented parent passed on their prodigious skills to their children. Especially the Lamas family. And now we have Tim Biskup and Tigerlilly Biskup. (NOTE: We are only leaving out mention of Tigerlilly's mama, Seonna Hong, since she is not participating in the show about which this entry reports).

On Thursday July 3rd, Grass Hut Gallery will be premiering the collaborative micro-mini show T'n't, featuring the work of father-daughter virtuosos Tim and Tigerlilly Biskup. According to Bwana Spoons (artist extraordinaire and co-founder of Grass Hut Gallery), new originals and prints and tiny surprises will be forthcoming. The show runs throughout July, and as usual will most likely be available for seeing and buying online.

Did we mention that Tiger is in elementary school? Behold and be awed.

T'n't at Grass Hut Gallery

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