Sunday, June 8, 2008

SHOW REPORT - Niagara VS. Vans at Billy Shire Fine Arts


PopDrawer readers had a great time at the opening night of the two-night exhibition of Niagara's work and Vans' new Niagara shoes at Billy Shire Fine Arts. About 30 of Niagara's iconic paintings graced the walls, while the crowd gawked at the shoes in lucite cases, wishing they were in the gift bags. No such luck, but every attendee did receive a Niagara t-shirt and a multi-disc set of Destroy All Monsters CDs.

One of the crowd favorites were these hard-shell clutches designed by Niagara with "secret" compartments hidden in the backs. Here you can see the pistol hidden in one purse, and a hypodermic with a lethal dose of poison in another.


Niagara was in attendance, as well as fellow artist/rock star Liz McGrath, who told me that her band Miss Derringer is opening for Blondie (!) on their new tour. The art luminaries were out in force, including Gary Baseman, Robert Williams, Natalia Fabia, Bob Dob, and actor/artist Richard Edson.

I believe a few paintings are still available. Go here to see which might not yet be sold.

Niagara and friend


Niagara Show at Billy Shire Fine Arts

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