Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Etsy Shop of the Week


Ah, the internet. There was a time when one had to leave one's house and troll the flea markets or local art fairs to find porcelain plates featuring dogs playing musical instruments, beaded gowns for Barbie dolls, and crocheted cupid jar toppers. Thank goodness we can now get all of that from the comfort of our homes on the internet with Etsy.com. There are literally thousands of artist-made items on Etsy, from jewelry to clothing to housewares to toys to zombie bowler pins. There's also art. And thankfully, some good art. So for as long as we can stand it, we are going to sift through the multitude of crap on Etsy so you don't have to. Welcome to our new feature Etsy Shop of the Week. This week featuring:

boygirlparty, art and illustration by Susie Ghahremani. Ms. Ghahremani specializes in folksy animals and settings, and she produces lovely original paintings, prints, clothing, and paper goods. She describes boygirlparty as "the first party you go to as a kid that has boys and girls at the party, it's strange and new and exciting and full of childhood wonderment. It's also my pseudonym as I hope my artwork expresses those same sentiments!" In addition to her Etsy store, Ms. Ghahremani has a dedicated site called boygirlparty, which features her art, music, and a store.


boygirlparty Etsy Store

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