Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carlos Ramos - King of the Jungle

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Early in this century (wow, that sounds weird and disturbing) artist Tim Biskup and gallery-owner Caryn Coleman created the Burning Brush auctions, where they brought together up-and-coming and established artists with excited buyers and held an auction of original art a couple of times per year. The art was great and the prices were low. It was a great place to "discover" new talent, to expand one's horizons, and to establish new obsessions with exciting artists. It was at one of those auctions that I met Carlos Ramos, an animator and friend of Tim's. That year I got into a small bidding war over a piece of Carlos' art. I lost the bidding war (and kept a friend), but have been hankering for a piece of art from Carlos ever since. I will finally get my chance Next Saturday June 28th at the wonderful Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA. And so will everyone else, if not at the gallery, than at the gallery's website.

Carlos Ramos apparently grew up fascinated with the awe-inspiring nature dioramas prevalent at natural history museums, and his show "Natural History Museum Part I" is his entertaining and artful take on those glass-enclosed slices of the natural world. The paintings in the show are enormous, often as big as five feet by 6 feet, and depict, in his inimitable animated style, epic animal battles and gorgeous habitats. It's a show that in my opinion not only evokes Carlos' childhood memories, but also will remind you of your own. For more gorgeousity, see this link, which will show you what is still available.

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Carlos Ramos' Blog

Natural History Museum Part I at Corey Helford Gallery

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