Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who Needs Groceries Alert - Tim Biskup Items Now For Sale


Items from Tim Biskup's kick-ass show "The Artist in You" are now available at his online store Flopdoodle and at the website for the Jonathan Levine Gallery. First is the book/catalog from "The Artist in You," available for only $20 from Floopdoodle.com, and every copy purchased from Tim will be personally signed by him. The second item is the print "Asylum #4", available from Jonathan Levine Gallery. The large serigraph (24x36) contains over 70 colors, is an edition of just 100, and is going for $1200.

By the way, the entire show is now available for viewing here. It's astounding.


"The Artist in You" Book

Asylum #4 Serigraph

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