Thursday, June 12, 2008

Amy Sol at Thinkspace


Friday the 13th will be lucky for anyone who has the chance to get on down to Thinkspace Gallery in LA to see Amy Sol's new show, Karmic Magic. (Of course, you could always check out the show online, but then you wouldn't get to meet Ms. Sol and see her beautiful work in person).

Amy Sol is one of the fastest rising stars in art today, and there's no question as to why. Her images, mostly painted in soft pastels on panels of wood, are lyrical and ethereal. In the words of the show website, "Imaginary furry animals and floral patterns emerge from the grains found on the panels of wood that line the walls of Amy Sol's Las Vegas studio. They become companions to the breathtakingly soft and sweet female characters that inhabit her work." Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Her work has been rising rapidly in price due to her growing popularity, so buy a piece, or a print, before it's too late.


Amy Sol's Official Site

Karmic Magic at Thinkspace

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