Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scott Morse -- Busy, Busy, Busy


Six or seven years ago... or maybe seven or eight -- who keeps track -- I was wandering around the Comic-con in San Diego looking to fins some great new property to buy to adapt as a script. I had just finished writing a comic book adaptation of a little-known Dark Horse book for Universal Studios, and I was eager to find my next project. And then I stumbled upon Mendenhall Gallery's booth, and found Mark Ryden's work for the first time. It was a revelation for me. Over the course of the day, I would meet Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, and Bwana Spoons, and an obsession was born.

But I wasn't looking for any of them. The one man I was looking for was Scott Morse. I had read his ethereal, other-worldly comic Soulwind and been blown away (pun completely intended) by the stellar writing and the stunning art. I must have gone back to the booth where I had heard he would be five times, but he was never there. But fate was on my side, as I found him at a friend's booth the last day of the con. An I have been following his work ever since. And man, is he busy.

His day job involves plying his artistry at Pixar, while he continues to put out numerous books and fine art. Just a small sampling of his work includes Red Window (a comic series), Magic Pickle (a book series for Scholastic), a new hardcover series called Tiger!Tiger!Tiger!, and work for a fine art show in France. Scott has a great blog where you can keep up with his gorgeous work.


Scott Morse's Blog

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