Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Glenn Barr -- One Foot in the Past, One in the Future


Regular PopDrawer readers already know how obsessed we are with Glenn Barr. It's just like any other healthy obsession -- just when you think you're out, they pull you back in. Not that we were ever "out" of this obsession, but while we waited for new work from Glenn, we settled into a kind of relaxed fixation. And then we saw the work from his new show, appropriately titled "New Work," at Billy Shire Fine Arts, and we were pulled back in again.

The show, which opens June 14th (reception from 7-10 PM), displays an interesting dichotomy in Glenn's work -- a dichotomy between the past and the future. His new work displays on the one hand his post-apocalyptic myths of heaven and hell, angels and demons, flying creatures and flying vehicles, and on the other hand his lounge-era portraits of stolen moments, typically from the lives of women, which feel very real, as opposed to the fantastical visions of the future. He's painting the past and the future, side by side.

Ironically, his futuristic images are more a part of his past work, while of late he seems to be dabbling more in the works that hearken to the past. So his past is the future and his future is the past. Either way, they work beautifully together. Here's a little preview...


Glenn Barr's New Works at Billy Shire Fine Arts

Glenn Barr's Official Site

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